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What is Skywave Class Library?

It’s a collection of useful classes, user controls, interfaces, … written in C# language targeting Microsoft .Net Framework.

The big problem here is the lack of good documentation! Many controls and classes you can find here are being sold by many third parties (and of course not Open Source). So I need some developers with strong English language skills to help me on documenting this Open Source library.

One example of very useful and rare controls you can find here (I don’t see any example like this in any third party components either) is “FormDesigner” control. It will let you as a developer to let your clients design their forms using exactly the designer used in Visual Studio! and then save and load these forms to virtually any storage (it uses Serialization for saving these forms). One great usage of this control is to let your clients to design custom print forms for your reporting needs.

This project consists of multiple projects targeting different technologies and one core project (those published by me yet):

  • Skywave Core
  • Skywave Web
  • Skywave Windows Forms

I will try to add more documentation, but because I have very little time for it, I will be slow :)

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